Chainsaw Man brief sales analysis




Manga Sales Journal #1

Original Publication date: November 2nd 2022

This is going to be my little sales thread thing, from time to time I’ll try to talk more “in-depth” about sales of some series, genres or demographics So let’s begin with a popular one, Chainsaw Man.First the new volume performance until now.
Volume 12 sold 381k physical copies in 20 days. Even though it’s a high number, it’s a step down from vol.11, which sold 448k in 18 days (Oricon Data) So about 17% less.Considering the year and a half between those volumes and all this time without new chapters, I think it was kind of expectable the downfall.
It's not rare for a manga to have this step down between the first series and its sequel. So no worries. One could think that the anime hype can maintain the interest in the series, but not for this long.
Sure with the anime airing the volume will continue selling for weeks, but I think the figure won't be very much higher, for now. Another cause of this "fall" could be that the digital sales part has increased but still the gap is kinda big to be filled ONLY with that.
Digital is still on the rise, but some series like shonen-action still have a its bigger sales part on physical BUT the fanbase is there just you have to take a look on Shonen Jump+ (Japan)
Part 2 chapters average more than 4 Million views on the app, hitting +2M views on just one day now Moving on, with the anime already on its 4 episode, backlogs are starting to appear really strong on sales charts.
Volume 1 and 2 just crossed 1 Million physical copies sold in these last weeks and this past week we’ve seen an increase in backlog vol. sales And just recently we got that the series hit 18 Million copies in circulation with 12 volumes, so that’s a 2 Million growth in less than a month!!
The anime is doing its boost thing. Yeah, it is not a super mega boost like the one of JJK but there are weeks still ahead and who knows, maybe Chainsaw Man can have a post anime bigger boost, but that is very very very rare to happen.
Or maybe in the next season when bigger things get animated So still not easy to tell how big CSM will be in JP.
Since it’s not the “usual” action story told in Jump, I think it won't explode as other recent Jump titles. For now it is having a good anime boost.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not doing bad either. It is and will be a huge series, but it has a very long road to reach those mega hit levels. These upcoming months while the airing of the anime will be interesting :)

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